5 ways to make your space…sense-able


Sometimes redecorating is not the answer: rethinking your space and adding some minor sensory details that make a major difference may be the solution. Whether your living space is large or small…short or tall, you don’t have to break the bank or complicate the mind to redesign and give your home an uplift. Here are some simple ways to make your environment match your desired mood.

Sight: Get some eye-candy!


Aesthetically pleasing art or artifacts can strategically be placed around the home. Let these symbols represent you. Showcase your collections of coins, elephants, decorative frames, family photos…whatever motif that speaks for you in bold or subtle ways.  Don’t forget to experiment with lighting fixtures. Position some lamps in different levels of the home: some high above on shelves, some mid-level on table tops and even some on the floor to create dimension and a special vibe. 

Play with color. What colors make you happy? Calm? Make you come alive? You need some of that in your home life. Get a good three from online sites like Pinterest or even the Walmart color palette paint squares to help you create a color scheme. Position splashes of your favorite hue to create a landscape that you love to look at. Add pops of that color or blocks of it, through paint, wallpaper or even accessories, for it can also play a huge part in the ambiance you want to create for your landscape.

Touch: Here is where you can get touchy-feely


Get Your feelings “into” it. Play with textures that speak to you. One Saturday morning, visit your local fabric store and run your fingers across an array of fabrics that catch your eye. Then incorporate those into your accessories:  throw pillows, throws, rugs. You can implement that particular fabric either through DIY projects or by store bought items. It’s amazing what a simple faux fur rug can do in your den right in front of the couch and TV.

Hear: Let  Music  Move  You


Surround-Sound yourself with tunes that take you where you want to go. Get a hold of music that can transfer you and elevate your mood.

Press play with Pandora, Google Play and Spotify for customized playlists. Low and subtle sound is always a nice surprise. Stay plugged in.

Smell: Aroma Therapy


There is nothing better than coming home after a long day at work and smelling a scent that comforts you right at the door. Even if you work at home, and your space is multifunctional, you scents can ignite the spirit of what your job entails and set the tone so you can get in the right state of mind to accomplish your task list. What’s essential? Essential oils can be used on the body and also in the home, the bath. Lavender can calm. Peppermint can energize. Light candles with assorted smells. Get scents that spark.

Taste of Haven


It’s always great to have something in your home that makes your taste buds water. You deserve the opportunity to retreat with a treat of choice, healthy…or not. Let it hit your sweet spot. Decorative candy dishes and even covered cake platters are great ways to add design qualities to the space. Make you a tea bar, or a coffee zen zone so that your favorite drink is easily accessible, yet a great asset to your home.  

Simple seasonal fixes can help you function in a multitude of ways and can create a space you feel at home in; an eclectically you experience. MW


2 thoughts on “5 ways to make your space…sense-able”

  1. Love it, I try to change with the seasons with different textures and scents. I will be looking into adding a bit more texture for the Spring.


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